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Overrated Outbreak

Well, as you guys know, there has been a sanitary emergency in Mexico, since last Thursday. Why? because of a new variant of the influenza virus, known as H1N1, which has "gone" out of control in my country.

Today, schools have been, and will be closed
until may 6th, or later. The WHO has increased the alarm level to 4, which means that it can become a pandemic spread.

What confuses me is: If many scientists are saying that this disease CAN be cured if it's detected on time... why is the media still spreading the panic among the population? i understand that in some of these cases, it's necessary to take extra precautions but, seriously; I went today to wal-mart, and there were about 60 persons making a line on the "pharmacy" section, amd a lot of people buying emergency supplies. Why is people not well informed? are we really that ignorant?
Why the mexican authorities don't take the necesary prudence to treat this problem without making a general panic?

It also confuses me, the fact that, there have been more deaths because of, alcohol, drugs, smoking, AIDS, and other worse diseases, and nobody cares!! seriously, what's wrong with the people i the government?? they should act that way all time then, because there are about 38 millions pf persons infected with HIV/AIDS and nobody does anything!!! why they don't work harder to find a cure for that too? I seriously think this is BIAS, and that there's a lot of hipocresy out there. It sucks, you can't trust anyone these days.

Anyway, until the outbreak passes, I shallremain at my house playing Crysis and, by now, enjoying my ham sandwich (yes, there's no problem to eat pork meat )

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