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Parents Homecoming With A Twist Of Irony And Other Various Complaints

Hmm. Urgh. Parents. The homecoming dance at my HS was last Saturday. 2 weeks before the dance, I asked my mom if I could go, and was met by a "Why not?". So I asked my GF to the dance (we've been dating for 6 months so it was a bit of a formality), and started making preparations with friends for the before and after parties.

One week later my parents, my bro and I were sitting at the dinner table.
"We've decided that you're not mature enough to go to homecoming."
After my shock had passed, my anger flared.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"You've got one B, and your father and I decided that you're not working hard enough in school. Also, you're not ready for the 'kind of things that happen there'."
Wow. More stunned silence.
"The kind of things they do there?"
"They do things kids your age shouldn't be doing."
Stupid overprotective Asian parents. The same parents who said that they didn't give a ***** about my friends; all they cared was that I go to school, get good grades, and go to college. The mom who threatened to excommunicate me from my friends if I didn't improve my grades (how exactly was that supposed to work anyway)?

The rest of the argument gets pretty redundant and pointless, but it ended in me going to my room and sulking for a bit. Later that night, I walked in to the living room to find my mom watching tv. This was at 10:30 at night, and George Lopez was starting (don't ask me why she was watching that). The ultimate irony: the episode opened with George Lopez's overprotective wife worry about their son's virginity (in the show, their son is something like 13).

Later that week, I brought my grade up to an A. It was a B in the first place because of my subpar Spanish teacher, but either way, it got fixed. Still no luck. So I didn't go.

Now it's one week after the argument. The dance came and went. And I've been having trouble focusing in school. I've been going to sleep later and later. I've been spending more time on OCN. My more frequent mood swings are bugging the h*ll out of my friends. Ah. I really don't feel well.

To make things worse, I had to break the news to my GF. She wasn't to happy, but she understood. I'm still so glad she could find it in her to forgive me.

Anyway, thanks OCN for listening to me complain. I sometimes do wonder if my parents mean what they say. I'm still not sure. I guess all I can do is take comfort in what I have. Things will get better. I hope. And I wonder. When my brother (whom even he agrees is favored by my parents) gets to high school and asks to go the the dance, what will they say? What will they do when they realize that nothing's changed in the situation but the person? I'm interested to see. Oh well. Got to go do HW. Sigh... Bye guys.


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