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Part 2 Lucid Dreaming And Mah Return D

This blog is a follow up to my last one,
Bringing Dreams Back to Reality

Also, Ive been gone from OCN for a good 2 or 3 weeks I dunno if any of you noticed but either way i'm back and I missed everyone here and these forums. HAI HAI GUISE!

Anyway on to the dream.


So I was up till 5AM making my map on Sandbox in Halo 3's Forge feature. Shhh don't tell my gf please
she thinks i went to sleep at 2am cuz she doesnt like me staying up since she worries about my health :3

Anywho after that my eyes were so tired i just crashed and started dreaming. It was a dream I had years ago actually except this time everyone was their current age this time.

It started out i dunno how but something like going through all kinds of military crap even though I wasn't going to a military school o_O anyway I finished and it was like graduating everyone was walkin to somewhere outside and eventually this guy was tagging walls everywhere with his name in chalk and it was so badass for chalk!

I picked up a blue piece of chalk and ran past him graffiti-ing my name bigger than his except I tagged it with The Crow i guess because I had been watching The Crow movies lately and I love em. But whatever, he started to fight me with the piece of chalk it was crazy OwO! We were really duking it out with the chalk and at the same time tagging walls that we went by!

I did a huge tag over his and it was sweet then he tried to stab me so i kicked him out a window and bolted still tagging things as i ran even though i was in mortal danger from a piece of blood red chalk as he started after me once he got up.

I went into this open garage and up the spiral staircase to a loft which was apparently my house cuz some girl was laying there and she was crying and said "brother save me from the guy with the chalk! hes coming! he r**ed me!" and she burst into tears and without question that she was my sister even though I dont have a sister in real life i stood up with a badass look on my face and hopped out the lofts open window landing feet first into the dude and I literally started smacking him with the chalk it was hilarious but i was dead serious at the time and stabbed through his belly button

Then my mom and my little brother came up to the van behind us (yes my real ones lol), and were like Michael we're going to go to ......... somewhere idk and i was like "Yeah okay mom bai"

Dreamers Note: We got rid of the van 3 years ago ?_?

My mom then backed up the van and i turned the guy over and he hit his head on the underside of the van going unconscious.

He was about my age by the way. Anyway I took him to the river and lit a candle in a small boat and sent him down the river in a boat even though he was alive but I guess to keep him away. After that I went to the house and in the basement where I don't really recall much of this part but the guy was in this one room of the basement bleeding, yes same guy.

And he was telling me to hurry up and I came closer and he impaled me with his hand and a red glow went up his arm and then became around me as he faded away and I continued to glow throughout the rest of the dream.

Then I went outside and was back by the crowd of other friends and familys that were sitting on some grass and such, and I just stood there and I literally stood behind em all and said aloud "Damn, so I guess this is the end of this dream? I feel like it is abou--" and then my phone vibrated on my nightstand and woke me up
DAMNIT I WAS SO CLOSE TO HAVING A LUCID DREAM! I had finally realized I was dreaming at the end and I was thinking that it was a dream near the end before I said that and was wishing it wouldnt end and I controlled that thought I can tell.

T_T so close. Damn you cell phone! your going off at night from now on! hahah

anyway thats my latest adventure guys. Glad to be back! Well Talk to you all soon!


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