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Passing A 10k Final

So, my Latin Final is in aprox. 18 days.

We actually get the final itself today, all in order with no tricks or strings attached.
I saw something like this comming but not as extreme. And extreme is not an exaggerated word.

For my Latin final, we have to memorize in order with correct spelling over 10,000 words. Yes a one and four zeros. Not only do we have to memorize over 10 thousand words, but also several sentences in English and/or Latin.

Right now I have a 70 average in Latin so far. I have to go and retake 10 tests, one a day for the next 2 weeks. And probably more to come. So, how the hell do I come close to passing this? On my midterm I got a 36%, which the "kind" 80 year old ball of dust we call a teacher decided to give me a 65% (passing). And the midterm had 5,000 words. So how does one come to cope with double that?


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