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Pc And Parents

Ohhhh man... I hate it.

When I was younger my parents put PC Pandora on my old computer and I was cool with it cuz I really only game.

What is PC Pandora?

Basically its a personal keylogger/activity viewer/recording software you can order online for home use.

It monitors all the keystrokes of the computer its used on and all the activity that goes on on the computer. Basically personal surveillance of everything being done on it.

If you want their terms for it straight from their website:
and now with LIVE! allows you see it online from ANYWHERE you are at.
It is like an INVISIBLE TIVO© for your computer.

When I bought with all my own money and built my own computer the other year I password protected it. Because I own it in every way possible.

However, I have noticed the PC pandora disk out by my parents computers monitor and continually find my user password having been guessed as I wake up to find my password hint showing on the login screen and that red circle with the X in it next to the login box.

And this is after I slept for a whole two hours.

You guys may be like, oh... thats fine. They are your parents... No, I'm 19 3/4 years old and gonna be turning 20 in April 16.

I think enoughs enough. This is pissing me off

I just don't know what I can do to make my pc more secure. All I really have gaurding it is a password that they'll most likely never figure out but still.


Is it possible to have my computer use a usb drive as an Authenticator type device to log in to my pc? I think that'd be pretty rippin'


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