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Pc Lillipution

What's this?! a blog update?!

why yes, yes it is

Anyhoo, it's been a while since my last post. Somewhere along the line I noticed the blogs should be used for insightful or otherwise helpful entries... seeing that I'm neither I've waited for something that qualifies under the criterion... so here I am a number of months later and I think I have something!

mATX build Status: in limbo
E8500 + TR Ultima-90I
8800GTS 512MB (had it lying around)
4GB-PC1066 OCZ Reapers (they were cheap, but such ugly RAM)
XFI (either my spare xtremegamer or transplanted xtrememusic)
Aerocool M40 (will get some modding for cooling)

However current plans kind of got derailed and it seems I WON'T be moving out again anytime soon (housing plans A, B, and even C through F fell through ). So this build is now technically in limbo


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