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Pentium 4 630 Over Clocking Help

i ahve this stupid pentium 4 that im stuck with and i want to see how far i can push it. only, im quite new to overclocking as im 15 years old, i understand the overclocking concept and i know how to do it bu there are a few things that confuse me look at this pic:


my core voltage was originally higher but i put the voltage to auto to save my self from having to learn what the voltages should be, the pentium 4 does not allow a direct core frequency change so i have just been increasing the fsb, rebooting and checking how many mhz i have only for some reason when i changed the timings on my ram i cant get it to post so i have to take the bios battery out and redo all the settings. could somebody please take the time to fully explain how overclocking is done. btw im not stupid so i dont need every tiny detail lol. thanks in advance


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