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People And Why They Are Irritating Pt 3

Hi again,

Out the front of a shopping complex in my town (a mini-mall to all you Americans) there is a skate park. Skating is fine for a sport, it has everything pro sport needs, injuries and err... well yeah it's got everything it needs. Skaters however are a group of people I'm prone to hating, nothing irritates me more when a skater traveling under 10 km/h spins a plank of wood 360 degrees and exclaims to his friend "That was extreme". Read the previous sentence again and see if you can find anything that warrants celebration or merit of any sort.
I thought so.

Skaters themselves seem to be a rather delinquent bunch (yes I realize I'm generalizing). If your 18 years old, unemployed and spend all day at a skate park it might be time to re-asses your life. I saw one group of skaters when i went out for breakfast one morning sitting on a sidewalk on the street chatting, behold, an entire 6 hours later they were in the same location doing the same thing.
Yes right now I'm blogging (a waste of time in itself) but tell me if you've ever done anything productive by sitting on the street for 6 hours straight.

(Please note the following:
-I speak in metaphors quite a lot, don't take everything literally
-If you are offended contact me and we can sort it out
-I generalize because it's good material, when I ***** about a group of people I'm not *****ing about everybody)


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