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Perceptive Namrac Notices Details

So yeah, I totally just realized we have blogs. Apparently these things have flown under my admittedly feeble radar for quite some time - but now I've found them and expect to rant and blog my brains out for about two weeks until I get bored of it and move on. So just prepare yourself.

I've realized that computers and their performance are no longer my chief interest or hobby - hi-fi headphone gear and other audiophilic things have stolen the limelight. I game much less, I've lowered my overclock to compensate for the increased heat from my new, quieter fans, and spend far more time thinking about new audio parts than pc parts. That's not to say I've abandoned the hobby completely, however - still planning on an overhaul this summer, with an SLI board and a second GTS 320, along with 4 GB of RAM to complement my new copy of Vista Ultimate 64bit. However, I just know that I'll continue to slip away, as audio consumes more and more of my interest...


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