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Phenom Ii X4 955 Oc Thread

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Lower your multi and OC the hell out of your ram
Im on x15.5 / Fsb 245 @ stock voltage = 3.882ghz stable /108f idle / 142f load or you can PM me for more info. cant go much higher with out voltage or crashing.
Hey man, I just wanted to know if you can help me out a bit. I've been trying to OC my PHII 955 for a few days now. I can boot up to 3.8ghz, but it fails the prime blend test every time . . . even at stock voltages/speeds.

Right now I'm running Prim95 on small FFTs and for the past hour all is good, and I ran memtest86+ for almost 6 hours last night with not issues.

Other than the Prime95 blend test failing my other big concern is heat. I have a Cooler Master v8 and with stock core volt/speed I'm hitting 54 degrees C with the Prime95 test, and when I upped the voltages to over 1.45 it would easily go past 60. I'm positive my heatsink is placed right, but I'm going to refit it and reapply thermal paste later today after work, but I was reallying wanted to underclock the multiplier and up the FSB speeds to hit 3.8 without going over 1.4v. Just wondering if you could help me out in that regard.

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