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Philosophical Thought

Well, just randomly decided to start thinking again (oh noes...)....

What is the meaning of life? Many people explore this question and come up with a multitude of different answers. Some go as far as to say that this life is punishment and we should be miserable... while others claim the opposite... this is our one and only life, and we gotta make the best of it that we can.

But, those don't answer the question, they just interpret a possible answer and specify what to do with that knowledge - without actually answering the question.

The most common answer I hear is "what you make of it". But... does that not imply that 'God' is intrinsic and thus there cannot be religion other than narcissism...?

Think about it: religious nuts say god created us. Science nerds say things like the big bang theory and the postulate that uses electricity water and dirt to make amino acids and etc. to make life.

Then there are those that say that religion is right, and that science is right. And more so even say that both are right - god invented science and thus god used science to bring us to be. Thus, sure, big bang theory caused be god.

But once again, these don't answer the question.

The meaning of life. How would one find such an answer. Another interpretation of the answer is: Life is a journey.
But, isn't that true of everything? Experience in itself is the journey. Thus life is experience.

But then you could get into other issues - a baby does not have much of experience, but they clearly live.

So, experience is thus life. Not the other way around.

So if experience is life, then that solves the problem of babies who live and die in a short amount of time. The lived, and thus they experienced. But, then, what about a fetus. That's another easy one: they cannot be defined as experiencing life, and thus they cannot be designated as alive. However, they are clearly not dead... Uh oh...

Don't worry, that's easy to fix. They share a symbiotic relationship with their mother. As such, even if they are not alive, they are not dead, because they are gaining life from the mother. And since the mother is clearly alive, by symbiotic relationship, the fetus is alive.

But once again, we don't answer the question.

What is the meaning of life?

What if there is no meaning? Would we Be? I capitalize that intentionally. Just so we are on the same page. If you don't understand why, then you'll be stuck thinking about it for a while.

So, if life had no meaning, how would things be? Would we exist at all? Would everything not be menial.
Well, if life had no meaning, we would not feel sad when someone died. We would not get upset when there is a big problem affecting large amounts of people. In short, we wouldn't have hospitals, or research. We wouldn't have medicine or anything at all. This applies further to animals - we have vets, we try to save endangered animals. Thus life clearly has meaning. By intrinsic instinct if not by anything else.

But what of serial killers? They claim to feel no remorse, do they not? Well, after a few years in prison, alot of them claim that they claim to feel sorry about what they did and whatnot. But do they really?

No way to tell, really. But I think that they must feel something: must be a little bit upset or hurt when the kill. That's why most serial killers that play games with the cops play games. They WANT to be caught. They feel what they are doing is wrong, but enjoy it none-the-less.

So, hopefully we're all at an understanding - either you disagree or agree, and have something to say. If you don't have anything to say... then we're at a misunderstanding.

So, I propose to you: what is the meaning of life?


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