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Phoenix Mark Ii

Only until recently I've been roughing it with an average computer setup, details soon, yeah it does the job and I love my baby.
But like all good things, it needs an upgrade.

I'm currently doing some office work with my uncle and earning my self a very nice $16.50 an hour. I'll be doing this for a total of 3 weeks and working around 9 hours a day.
So that's...
$148.50 a day
$742.50 a week
and $2173.50 over the 3 weeks.
(Note: This is all before tax of course)

So a good chunk of this money, combined with the money I already have saved, will be invested into upgrading my computer. Due to the age of my Mother Board I have no choice but to buy a new one, therefore I will have to purchase new everything.

New Specs as follows.
Case: Antec "Nine Hundered"
Mother Board: Asus P5E-X38
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
RAM: Corsair 2G
HDD: Seagate 400G
Video Card: Asus 8800GT-TOP 512MB
Sound Card: SupremeFX II
Screen: Viewsonic VX1932 (2ms response) I still need to check up on this one..
Power Supply: Still working on that..
(Maybe be subject to change)

So the Phoenix Mark II has been commisioned and I'll be waiting for the moola to roll in so that I can go out a buy all those shiney new parts.

Monkey_Maniac out.


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