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Pimp Your Ocn Blog

With a banner!

What's cooler than having an OCN blog? Having your very own customized OCN blog header of course! I used to blog wayyy before I registered here at OCN, and right from when I started, I figured out that a blog is something personal, something that you should be modified to fit you. Right from the start, back in the days where I was a young ignorant noob, I ran Wordpress' default theme Kubrick with customs headers I had made myself with the GIMP, and I tried had to modify the CSS files to make Kubrick more "me". That is, less colorful, leaner, meaner, and even more simplistic than it already is (some people may call that dull, but what can I say...). For all the site rebuilds that follow, I paid special attention to modifying stuff to my likings, even if it's only making the menu DIVs slightly smaller or changing mouse-over colors.

Sadly, OCN does not host it's blogs with Wordpress, not even with Wordpress MU, which is known to be a bit more flexible for theming, but despite that we still have a bit of control over how our blog looks and feels, and I was saddened to see that very little people actually use that feature.

The header can be modified to fit your needs, and very often people seem to forget that this header can take any BB code your can throw at it, making it pretty darn flexible. Instead of leaving it blank, it could very well be used for lots of things.
  • A banner in image form like I did here. I found 700 * 150 px to work well in both fixed and variable width OCN forum themes, in modern resolutions.
  • Links to your other patches of web space, either in text link or icon form. I wish I had thought of that before writing this article, I'm SOOO doing this right now.
  • Quick links to popular articles. Ghetto pseudo-imagemap links anybody?
  • Slogans
  • Notices
  • Custom category links, either in image or text form. Images would kick arse.
[IMG] and [url] tags are your best friend.

Honestly, I'm pretty surprised that I didn't get any responses on the banner I made for myself. It's probably because I just suck at graphics.

In any case, I invite you to create your own custom blog banners, and make your blog truly yours!


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