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Players Perspectives Across Womens Basketball

CHELTENHAM, Md.: "Marissa, wake up! It's Christmas!" Those are the words I woke up to on Christmas morning.

My little brother Anthony came running in my room shouting those words. Did I mention that he is 18, a freshman in college, and in no way should be so excited about waking his almost 22-year-old sister up at 7:30 on Christmas morning?

I love Christmas just as much as anyone, but 7:30 a.m.? Come on!

Okay ... who am I kidding? I LOVE Christmas, and maybe I was secretly awake at 6 a.m. Christmas morning waiting for the rest of the family to wake up. So, I guess I was not so upset about the 7:30 a.m. "wakeup."

See, Anthony and I are big kids when it comes to Christmas. Yes, we still make Christmas lists and anxiously await to see what things Santa brings us on Christmas morning. This Christmas was no different.

After I was forced out of bed, I calmly, in zombie-like fashion, walked (or ran) downstairs to open gifts. I must say, I was pretty excited and happy with the gifts Santa brought this year. I guess I was a good girl after all!

Finally, Santa brought me the Uggboots I have wanted oh so bad for the past year!

So, ladies and gentlemen, don't be surprised if you see these boots with every outfit I wear. (This includes sweat pants, basketball shorts etc. — I did mean every outfit.)

Once we were done opening gifts it was time to help my Mom cook. Well, I mean, it was time for me to stand in the kitchen and try my best to make it look like I was being a good little helper.

I think it was best that I had no part in cooking Christmas dinner, because one of two things could have occurred: 1) I manage to burn the kitchen down (for those of you who are not aware, I am a very clumsy person and tend to perform impossible acts of clumsiness); and 2) Every person that ate my Christmas dinner would leave not feeling too well (this would not be because they were stuffed with my great cooking!).

So, hats off to the cook and her wonderful Christmas dinner!

Nothing too exciting happened during dinner. The exciting stuff came after. See, I think I found my true calling in life. No, not basketball but a professional drummer!

My nephew got Rock Band for Christmas and I was probably more excited than him with his gift. I told him to bring it to my house so we could play after Christmas dinner. Well, all I can say is Travis Barker should watch out, he might just be dethroned as the best drummer after the skills I displayed.

I am not too sure if there are many people that can match the skills I displayed on the Rock Band drums. So, if basketball doesn't work out for me, there is always Xbox360 and Rock Band.

Well, there are still a few hours of Christmas left, more importantly a few more hours for me to perfect my new craft! I hope everyone had a great Christmas, enjoyed their time with their family and received everything on their Christmas list! I love Ugg boots .


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