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Playing Catchup Note To Self

This is primarily a reminder to myself, and I suppose also a tip to anyone else going into college. Careful if you decide to slack at all, you could be totally owned.

Right now, typing up a 5-page paper due at 6pm EST, 3 hours from now basically. Already on page 3, thank god I have fast report writing skills. And then I gotta add to it and make it a revised paper.

Oh, and this is a 3 hour history class from 6-8:45. So i'm usually not home till 9-ish in which period I'm typically too drained to do anything.

Then comes Friday, I have to have my Persuasive Speech Outline done by Noon, for my Speech in a week or so. Awww yeahhh. @_@

Yeah. Stay up to date on work. It helps. Need ? I'd be in a much better boat if I did it earlier. That's enough lol

Here we go!

EDIT: Succesfully completed and turned in on time ;D OH YEAH!


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