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Playlist 4 7 08

I've added Nexuiz to the games bin - think of it as a (very) graphically impressive Unreal Tournament clone that runs natively on linux. Gameplay is pretty balanced from what I've seen, though it is missing some UT-esque things such as dodging. But, a heck of a cool way to kill some time when don't feel like a reboot to Windows.

And echoing the attitude of the above smiley, I recently stumbled upon my collection of Sublime albums, and they promptly replaced Jack Johnson as my personal chillout-music extraordinares. Though growing in the California-punk scene popularized by Greenday and the likes of The Offspring, Sublime kept true to their roots and the almost-trademark distorted beach-stoner sound that is a brilliant mix of funk, ska and reggae. I dig it - and thats all I've got to say.


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