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Point Of View

When I hear news or opinions about consoles or ATI/Nvidia or AMD/Intel, I have a certain way I TRY to do things. Like, when I heard the news that Sony shut down Lik-Sang, I got pretty pissed. I mean why should they shut down a successful company that helped them make tons of money in importing games? When I hear stuff like that, I usually have a "Personal" side and a more "legally correct" side, like if a hacker hacks some big computer and got 6 years in prison I would be pissed. But thats my personal side of it. The other side of me would have to agree with the law.

Of course I don't think the hacker should get that long of a sentence either but it is the law. What I'm saying is, I try to make myself be un-biased, no matter what. Which is why my sig says "The Neutral Fanboy." and I got really mad at l33t masta before he got banned. He was saying completely untrue things about open-source like he was being paid by a company to do it!

Of course I prefer some brands to others, but I try to not be crazy about it. I usually try to give a legit reason for saying what I'm saying.

I hope more than a couple people read this, because I thought it would be good for people to know why I say things the way I say them(did that make sense?). I also hope theres no problem with this blog post being okay with the TOS or not. Don't know why it wouldn't but I wanna be careful. I also also hope someone likes this...For the people that do read this, what did you think of my first real blog post?


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