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Pop Goes The Psu

If you've been tinkering with computers long enough, eventually you will see and/or smell smoke. Sometimes you are lucky enough to be alerted by a loud popping sound or a bright flash. Sometimes you think you smell something odd emanating from your case, but just can't quite pinpoint it. That distinctive electrical fire odor is hard to ignore under any circumstances. "Maybe it's just some dust on the heatsink getting burned off," you tell yourself, hoping to God you are right.

There is a little red switch on the back of your power supply. It reads 115 or 230. I never knew why it read that, because supposedly here in the U.S. we use 110 volts and in Europe they use 220 volts. I'm sure someone here can fill me on this dilemma. Either way, I know enough that 115 is way closer to 110 than 230 is, so that is what the power supply is supposed to read. Sometimes though, little gremlins like to pull that little red switch. Why they do it, I don't know. Probably just for kicks.

Now if that little lever is reading 230, usually one of three things will happen when you hit the power switch. The first is that absolutely nothing will happen. The computer will just sit there motionless and look at you with a mean grin. The second thing is it will start up and perform normally. If this happens, you most likely do not live in the United States. The third thing is, "BOOOOOM!!!". You just fried your power supply. Might be a fuse, might be the whole thing. Either way it doesn't work and you are praying that is the only thing that doesn't work.

Getting back to my last post. After cleaning the case of the roach infestation, then dealing with a blown power supply because of the above reason, I now try another power supply. Who changed the switch to 230V on the PSU I will never know. Luckily for me the computer starts up now. Unluckily, the roaches put a BIOS password on the machine. "Are you f-ing kidding me," I think to myself."

Now a BIOS password is easy enough to clear in a desktop, but it's just the principle of it. Somebody is disgusting enough to live somewhere that roaches make a hotel out of their case, they are dumb enough to change the switch on the back of the PSU, but they somehow figured out how to put a BIOS password on their computer? UGGHHH!!!


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