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Portable Apps Installed

Well I finally got a new 2GB flash drive for this semester of school and of course the first thing I did was install PortableApps on it.
I HATE the computers at school. The computer rooms are always taken so that means no good pc for me.

And the computers in the CyberCafe near the actual cafeteria are TOTAL JUNKERS!!! They seriously all have 30GB of HD space, Windows XP, like 512MB of ram, 1 CD drive, and the computers are set to wipe out any changes or files downloaded or installed upon reboot to prevent them from being infested with viruses and other things.

Yeah..... those computers are the ones I'm stuck using, and half of them don't work. The ones that do have craptacular unupgraded old version of flash, they have Internet Explorer 6 and then other programs the school computers normally have. Seriously, I'm a TABBING kinda guy. I hate when I can't open tabs and have to open more pages in other windows. I love my FireFox

So for that and various other reasons I had PortableApps waiting on my desktop for when I got my flashdrive and ASAP first thing out of the package it was plugged in and installing portable apps

Thats the way to be, in these situations.


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