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Prototype Theoric

Prototype Theoric

City of Zion and Zen combined.
What is time is time and now mine
I see the past , can you see the future
If all you want is money and war
Then you need to reprogram your mind and realize
The the resonance of a bell (Gong sound)
Can reflect the way you think, and the beat of electrodes
Firing in your mind goes like (beat box rythym)
When the fear of an outlaw comes to stride
What races through your mind
Your dreams, your past, your present, your amorphous aurora
The rythym of life
Would be away from your grasp, the reality
(of a hybrid theory so does allow)
A calibur of a virtual effect
To enter your mind de-escalated
To kill yourself in an explosion of pain
When your entire life is a fable
Everyone from genesis to the angel of death
Can not see a trinity tale
Can you see the origin of your past whisping away
The halo around your head proves this theory
This prototype theoric rhythmic rhyme complete
Now take a moment to reflect and think of what I speak.



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