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Public Toilets And The Dreaded Floater

OK guys, this one completely eludes me.

I go into the toilet near my office at work (its not a public toilet as such, however the public can use it, a lot of building workers like sparkys etc use it) and at least once a month or so, in the cubicle i walk in and there, staring me ripe in the face, is a massive log.

What i dont get is...the log just sits there, on its own in a seedy pool of filth. there is no used paper in sight. so what the hell are these people doing?

theres a few scenarios that come to mind. some filthy tradesman has come in to do a **** and and gone, hey, thats pretty impressive, i bet the whole world would appreciate that. so they then walk bent-over so as not to smear into the next cubicle to wipe, leaving their prize to be glorified by all.

highly unlikely, i know. but you never know do you.

another more likely scenario is the famous Phantom ****e. the one where it comes out so fast and smooth, it barely touches the edges and upon wiping, there is no mess at all. again feeling proud, the doner pulls up his dacks, carries the single used piece of paper into the next cubicle or to the bin, disposes of it and leaves.

but i mean seriously man. have you EVER walked into a dunny, seen a floater waiting there and gone "hey, not bad mate. bloke must have good genes to drop logs like that". NO! haha who gives a **** what your **** looks like. how hard is it to flush?

also as another funny point, you notice how everytime you come across a floater, instead of flushing you move to the next cubicle instead? haha " **** that, not my job to flush someones **** "

Aussie Aussie Aussie


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