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Quad Cores Hate Me

My x2 3600 with an 8800 GTS got 10-15 fps in dirt with medium settings, 45-50 in lost planet on ALMOST full. I'm kind of an idiot in that I like having better than good things.(I can't have an 8600, its gotta be an 8800!; Can't live with the Zune I already have I've gotta have an iPod touch! ) Guess I'm spoiled. Still, dirt lagged a lot more than I would've liked.

So I tell my dad I'm gonna try and sell my x2 and tforce 550 board(which I bought on ebay literally less than a week ago) on ebay and try for a core 2 duo. My dad immediately said I'd better get a quad-core because he was tired of me upgrading. o.o He also said he'd buy my 3600+ and motherboard for $125, making the total amount of money I had for an upgrade $275.(I had 150 from selling my zune) My dad also said he'll give me like a little more to pay for the motherboard if I need it.

So I look for cheap Q6600's but in the end I buy a B3 from microcenter for 270, with an MSI P35 Neo. Which didn't work no matter what we did. It turned on but didn't display anything on the monitor. So a couple days later we go back and exchange both the quad-core and neo for another quad and a ASUS PK5. I hook it up, it doesn't work. Same problem as the MSI board. My dad played with it for 4 hours today, I messed with it, and we tried days before that.

Quad-cores hate me.


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