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Quakecon 2010 Thoughts

As some of you know, QuakeCon 2010 has recently passed. It was my 3rd year, and I am still loving it.

For those of you who don't know what QuakeCon is; It's a 3,000 PC BYOC LAN. At least that's the prime focus. There is also a slew of sponsors and an "Exhibition Hall" where they do raffles and give free stuff away. There is also tournaments for big money and lots of free stuff.

Anyway, back to what I was thinking about. 3rd year... that's right. Not a "Grizzled Veteran", but still know my way around. The 19.5 hour trek from Cleveland, OH was awesome once again. Myself (Josh), Blade (Jake), and a new friend from California, Peayce (Kevin) went this year. We met Peayce probably a year ago on TF2, and ever since he's been our good friend. He was around OH this time of year so he decided to go with us. Driving my vehicle I feel very responsible and hesitant to let anybody else drive... plus I like driving. So away we go for 19 hours on a Monday evening. Checked in nearly a day later at the Hilton Anatole in downtown Dallas, TX. Good to be back here. Laying in the hotel room the first day, whooped, thinking about how I am getting a nice paid vacation for laying around. Slept a lot that night.

Registration opened up early on Wednesday. Waited in line for only about a half hour before we were registered and dropped our stuff off. Went to Genghis Grill for dinner with our other "internet friend" Azor (Austin). We met him 4-5 years ago in an MMO, then met him in real life for QuakeCon 2008. He lives in Dallas. Meeting your friends from the internet is pretty cool. Anyway, Genghis Grill. 2008 was the first time I'd ever been to a place like this... ever since then it's been tradition. MMmmm was it good.

Back to the hotel to rest for the following morning. QuakeCon officially starts Thursday morning. Up early the following morning. Excited. Finally get in and play games nonstop for hours.

Was disappointed of some stuff this year.
- Bawls was not there.
- Intel was not a sponsor
- AMD's booth was very small
- No DC++

I was, however, happy about a couple things. Glad to see ASUS there as a sponsor.
Alienware's booth was good
Steam actually worked if you weren't a complete idiot.

Compared to the previous 2 lans, it wasn't as good. But like I mentioned to a reporter dude. It's a tradition. I'll continue to come, and hopefully it's better next year. But if not, ehh, oh well.

We played in a very small TF2 tourney. Only 10 teams competed. We picked up 2 dudes, got 2nd place. Too bad it was only a "Community Tournament" and prizes were very small. Met some people from OCN and generally talked to quite a bit of people. Made new friends. Made new enemies. Lots of ****talking in TF2. Nobody would bring it to A21. I guess people aren't as badass when you are sitting in the same room as the guy who you are harassing.

Many days and pizza boxes later we are whooped. Our damn near $1000 hotel stay is nearing the end. Quakecon is almost over. Packed everything up Sunday morning about 5am. Got some rest.

Up at about 11:00 on Sunday. Took a shower and finalized my packing. Everyone else was out cold. Finally woke them up at 11:30... had to get the heck outta there. Packed up the car and started back on the 19 hour drive. Quakecon had come and gone... Simple as that.


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