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Quick Gm Update

It's been a while, so here a quick update. I'm going to bullet point them to keep things moving along...
  • I finally caught up on the team scoring updates, at least until I had a team change show up shortly after I posted to the scoring thread. Updates will be back on track with 3-5 per month.
  • I posted a new position for Section Editor of the Folding forum. We're accepting appilcations through midnight on Saturday the 10th, so be sure to get in your application before then if you're interested. All of the applications will be processed at the same time, and the successful application will be announced within a few days (I think I said Wedesday, but check the announcement in the Site News forum).
  • The new staff structure is just about ready. I hope to have all of the open positions posted within two weeks and new staff in place by July 1 at the latest. Keep an eye out in the Site News forum for more info. There will be a variety of positions available.
  • The site will be upgrading to the newest version of the vbulletin software soon. There are some nice new features in upgrade, and it will permit up to go forward with some long overdue projects such as the wiki (there wasn't much point in setting it up under the old version just to have to rebuild it from scratch under the new version).
  • The Artisan Section is just about ready to go. We're just waiting on admin's final blessing to move forward with it. Keep an eye out for some amazing work by fellow members available for sale soon!


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