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Quick Hits

So much has happened since the last time I updated this here blog, and so many things are still happening. As John Lennon sang memorably, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

Work still dominates the majority of my time and attention. Lately we have had people feeling ill, or having family members being sick, so this means that the workload increases for those of us more fortunate to not have such maladies. This is not a complaint, of course, merely a description of the situation.

In fact, I really have nothing to complain about, to be honest. I celebrated my birthday last Saturday, and it really was one of my best and most memorable. My girlfriend sometimes asks me about my most memorable birthday, and for some reason I always struggle for an answer; I guess I don't really look at my own past all that much, nor in any great detail. But now I definitely have an answer the next time she asks me.

My baby sister's youngest son, Alex, was baptized on my birthday, so we share that date. I was also designated his godfather (as I also am to Jacob, Alex's older brother), which makes me super-proud and happy. I love my nephews.

We had lunch in China Town in Los Angeles, then spent a wonderful afternoon at the L.A. Zoo, where I work. My best friend Rick and his wife, Monette, joined us there. I wish I had a camera with me (I think my other sister was able to take a few shots; if she did, I'll post a few select ones later).

(I think catmmm would like the L.A. Zoo; our giraffes can get really close to the zoo patrons. Plus we have a two-month old calf who was born here who is new to the exhibit.)

After the Zoo we had dinner. Afterwards I hung out with Rick and Monette for several hours, just catching up and having a great time. Christmas was the last time I saw Rick and Monette, but even after extended absences we always feel as if we'd just talked yesterday. I think this is one of those ways we know that they are friends for life.

I could go on and on about everything that happened during the weekend, but I might go on forever. But suffice it to say that I had so much fun playing with my nephews.

I was so sad to see them and my sister (and yes, even my brother-in-law, since he's part of the family) leave for Canada.

(I even cried a little - just a little - when the time for good-byes was at hand.)

Sometimes it's hard when you're the emotional type...


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