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Quick Quips Hits And Observations February 19 2009

It seems like life (well, my life, anyway) is presently moving at a breakneck pace, so instead of writing a more formal type of discourse in this space I'll just resort to a rapid-fire, don't-quite-care-where-the-dart-lands approach to this particular blog entry.
  • I just got a new car. I actually wanted a color other than black this time around (I wanted blue), but blue Civic Si coupes are apparently difficult to find without the Honda Navi System + Summer Tire package.
  • There are few things more fun than nailing the throttle, waiting until your tachometer reads 7800RPMs, then changing to the next gear.
  • A six-speed transmission with close-coupled ratios is a heck of a lot of fun with a peaky engine.
  • Honda is a master at ergonomics.
  • I've never lost my enthusiasm for driving, but driving a new car has its way of revitalizing that enthusiasm.
  • I don't miss my old car (a black 1996 Ford Probe GT) at all.
  • It's a ton of fun learning how a new car handles compared to your old one; there's nothing like analyzing observations.
  • I still have never owned a reasonably powerful RWD car.
  • John Lennon said it best: "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."
  • The L.A. Lakers are probably the NBA's most talented and deepest team. For them to win the Finals this year they have to remain as focused and get even hungrier for success than they've shown lately.
  • I think they can -- nay, they WILL -- win the NBA Finals Championship this year. (Yep, I'm calling my shot now.)
  • The Cowon D2 is a great example of something old which still works supremely well. It's an older model than my SanDisk Sansa e280, but its two advantages - the D2 plays FLAC and, in back-to-back listening tests with the same MP3 files, its sound output quality is superior in every way - make it a great portable music player.
  • Time for my various personal computer projects - including my first foray into water cooling - has seemingly dried up with my life being what it is right now.
  • I need to budget more time for my official OCN duties.
  • Do things with love, for love, out of love, and you will never be short of reward.
  • I have way too many projects. These include a still-growing piece of fanfiction based on "V", a couple of PCs in various stages of construction, and writing a piece explaining the philosophies, concepts, and strategies and tactics of football's "West Coast Offense" (including an examination of some staple plays).
  • My guitars are all crying out to me for me to resume my musical adventures.
  • I miss my baby sister and my nephews, who now live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

And it goes on and on and on and on...


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