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Quot Blu Ray High Def Quot

Some time ago in the forums, I made the argument that one of the reasons HD-DVD was better for consumers than Blu-Ray was a simple one: it was easier for Average Joe Wal-Mart Customer to understand. They know what a DVD is...so HD-DVD is just...HD DVD. Obvious to a monkey. But what the heck is a "Blu-Ray" disc? Simple marketing like this is important when selling to the unwashed masses.

Apparently I've been proven correct. For the longest time, commercials for new Sony releases ended with the standard "Available on DVD and Blu-Ray disc". But now, with Spider-Man 3, they have changed the tag line to "Available on DVD and Blu-Ray High-Def". I guess I was right...no one knew what the heck a Blu-Ray was.

Bad marketing news for Blu-Ray, IMHO. They have spent a jillion dollars trying to push the Blu-Ray format, but after all this time the message that it's high-def apparently isn't "built in" to the product name. Part of me wonders if the masses don't think of Blu-Ray as that "Playstation movie format", much like the UMD was just the PSP movie format.


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