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Rant Paypal Me And Another Ocner

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well. PayPal really screwed the pooch on this one. Sent payment to a fellow OCNer for a PH II x2 BE and 4GB of ram. He received the payment just fine. Paypal then called me to confirm I made the payment, which of course I said yes.

OCNer (not saying his name) then received an email from PayPal stating they closed/limited his account due to suspicious activity. He logs in, and he can see the funds, but can't do anything with them.

He shoots me an email asking if I did anything, I told him no.
he gets on the phone with PP and they say they can't do anything about it and it was closed because I sent him 2 payments. (1 was funds that were in my PP account, and the other was from my CC)

I can't dispute it due to sending it as a personal payment for Payment Owed.

I called PP just now, and they said that OCNer will need to call in and ask them to reverse the funds.

So, right now, I'm out $150 and still no CPU or Ram, and he's stuck with a useless PP account with my $150 in it.

The seller is trying everything he can to get my funds back to me, so that is good. He has to call PP tomorrow during business hours to get my funds reversed.


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