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Rated Fan Volumes

Wow, I found a review on SilenX fans and found out that my 120x38mm, 90cfm fans only push approximately 34cfm . That sucks hard since they don't even put out a lot of static pressure. Dude, I am madder than a wet hen in the middle of a rain storm . I feel like I flushed nearly $90 down the toilet. The noise doesn't bother me so much as the lack of cfm.

Live and learn, this is my first full on build in nearly 6 or 7 years. The last build I did was because of deceptive salesmanship at a CompUSA, I asked if a PIV 2.4GHz 478pin cpu would work on my HP motherboard, I was replacing a PIV 1.8GHz 478pin cpu. They said it should, so I bought it and the darn thing wouldn't even POST. I bought a Abit VT7 and started a build since I couldn't even return the cpu (jerks).

I bought my last desktop pc (Dell Inspiron 531) as a Christmas gift to my wife and I in December 2007 and my laptop for school in May 2008. Got my tax refund, heard about the Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition and the rest they say is history.

Right now I'm more interested in finding a good 120x38mm fan with a high static pressure. Static pressure is VERY difficult information to find, much less know that it is accurate. Turns out the Scythe Slipstream I've got on my Megahalems is to weak to push 110cfm through it, so I need something with more push, maybe pull, idk, I'll figure it out latter I guess.


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