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Rave G Funk

Pshhhhh tchk.
I've just rediscovered the joys of chilling to tight beats and funky keys
Really, sometimes it's just great to go back to the basics
Related, finally got Malice N Wonderland, Snoop Dogg's most recent album. Not as great as I'd hoped, but there are a few gems in there

Also been listening to a fair chunk of Korean pop music, or KPop, as it's more commonly known
Pretty much just boy bands, only 10x more awesome

There's just nothing like spending some quality time listening to music and letting the sounds wash over you
Music is what drives me, what motivates me, what re-ignites my passion, what inspires me, what adds spice to my life, what reminds me of what I believe in, what keeps me sane.
I know there are many of you who feel the same, even if our musical tastes may differ greatly, but musicians and music lovers are united in one thing - our love for the sound, the feel.

And now if you'll excuse me, ecstatic oblivion calls


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