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Raw Power

Today was the big day, it took me one week to sell my trusty E 7200 rig that i gave to my son. Why you might ask, well my oldest son is what you might call a die-hard AMD fan. Even though the c2d ran everything he threw at it just because it was an Intel rig it was not done. Now at his age of 15 he earns his own money by working in a grocery store so after some saving and the money he got from selling the c2d it was time to go back to amd once more.
Imagine me standing at the desk of the hardwarestore at 9 am with a loose description of what to buy and about 600 euro that he gave me.
Sometimes luck just slaps you in the face when you least expect it and it just seemed one of those days. I managed to get my hands on a brand new Asus psu 550w for just 25 euro wich left me enough to build a very decent X4.

All said and done i went home with a trunk full of hardware and started to figure out cable management and so on. This rig will enter a huge lanparty along with my main rig and the E 8400 of my middle son and the new build one will act as a showcase

Anyway, after 6 straight hours of work, about 100 ty wraps, a few beers and alot of cursing it was time to install Windows and give the newborn his first kiss of life. Now in the early days i was a amd fanboy myself but after some dissapointing buys i switched to intel just for the raw power of the c2d's. You can imagine i didn't set my hopes high when i started benching the X4 955 but i have one word for this chip......WOW.

Proud as a peacock i showed the endresult to my son when he returned from work, his first remark was"did you cut off all the wires?" at that point i knew the cable management was aproved, next question was " did you spend all my moneys?" my answer was a simple " Yes"

After toying around for some time the moment arrived for him to return to his mothers house for the weekend and of course the new pc had to come along. The perfect time for me to enjoy the silence for a while.... Until my mobile phone started howling....Son on the other side of the line.. Here a summary of that conversation:

He:hey dad, i just overclocked my pc
He:I upped the vcore and raised the fsb
He:I am running at 3.7 now but had 4.0 stable

This is my son that has the technical knowledge of a raw potato and the patience of a fruitfly.

His last remark was that he just wanted to see how far he could go but since he didn't need to oc anyway he reverted back to stock.

I was so flabbergasted by this that it took some time to sink in.


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