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Re Immature Fools 2 By Omeganemesis28

Immature Fools 2
Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 04:00 PM by OmegaNemesis28

My response:

I wouldn't get accustomed to this way of resolution as bad things can happen, especially regarding your scholarship. Consider yourself lucky and the academic star/role model to your peers and the staff at your school, just be careful and be conscious to what's at stake. I'd think that your being watched more then the regular Joe sitting beside you.

"Let us thank God that we live in an age when something has influence besides the bayonet." ~Daniel Webster

A.K.A. tell someone of authority and let them know you cannot concentrate and that he's impeding on your capability to learn and you don't know how to properly deal with him. But now it might be a bit harder.

So although you got a temporary "high" out of this, just think twice and don't stoop down to his level of "immaturity" as you called it as violence is immature, no?

I think that no one said anything as they're potentially in the same boat and you just got to him first. BUT that doesn't make you the hero. Sure he was asking for it and did that on purpose but your now equal to him as you responded to his action, he won.

The kid just needs attention as he's either insecure or doesn't do well and he's acting the part to cover it. That's all he wants, attention and if you react to what he does, he's winning as your feeding him with your reaction. If you tell a joke to a group of people and no one laughs but you, doesn't it feel awkward? Well make him feel the same. I can prove this as just look when he goofs off, he's usually going to turn to his friends, or who ever is laughing to feed on their laughter which says, "Look, we made people laugh, we're cool and fitting in." Don't give this to him.

Although he'll never admit that that's what's really going on and that he's insecure, you just have to think about what I said and know your better then him and that he's just insecure. At least you understand why he's like that and it shouldn't bother you that much anymore as your better then him.

I was once the class clown, not as bad as the Middle Eastern fellow in your class but I'd clown around however I never physically nor emotionally hurt someone, finally realizing that was an issue of mine, I learned and surpassed it. So knowing that, you know your better then him as you generally know who you are and are comfortable with yourself and just don't let the imp bother you (the really meaning of imp, no reference to WoW ).

So if he does it again, be the bigger man and go speak with your principal, or the equivalent to a principal as I don't know how a Catholic school works, or a teacher that you feel comfortable talking to. It's not stooling him out or anything if your worried about that, you just want to learn and he isn't allowed to take that away from you.

Thats just a life lesson that I've learned in high school, perhaps a bit too late.

I hope this helps you or someone else in some way and just think positive and do what you gotta do!



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