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Re The Dark Side Of Folding

The Dark Side of Folding
Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 04:17 AM by txtmstrjoe

My response:

I personally like PART of the competition aspect because I guess like athletes, it pushes the individual folding to... well do good for mankind. But the whole like, "I does liek 2k moar WU tehn u n00b", is plain stupid, it seems to me like if you have more points, then your automatically better then all the people below you and your the king, when whats really important is that people are contributing.

"First we will be best, and then we will be first." - Grant Tinker

The only thing that matters is that your folding when you can and that you are folding instead of the average Joe who just gives 10 bucks to various causes just because their asking for money. We are the people actually getting involved in the execution of the "Big Plan" to stop/cure cancer, Alzheimer, etc.

I do think that you should be proud of your points and just your points. The point isn't to surpass the guy above you, but to do it for the cause or whichever reason why you started and that your points mean that YOUR doing a good job and YOUR contributing as the amount of work you do is adding up and that your really helping and doing something, and I think that people just seem to forget that.

I think that we should see folding as an activity that we do on our spare time, or you have a dedicated machine, where your with your friends and contributing to a good cause at the same time and most importantly, that your action is actually helping everyone around the world and your kids, or their kids, on your computer's spare time, which just makes me feel good that so many people are doing it as folding can only help us move forward and gain some ground on these diseases to finally get rid of them.

I encourage people to just look back to why you started folding, or for who you started folding and think that you and ~250,000 CPUs are constantly folding for that person or for that reason because that's really what matters and that, is why your folding and you should never forget that.


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