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Realities Of The Workplace

After a recent post I said that
we've got a hierarchy and if i overstep it i'm liable. i am not putting myself nor will any of my coworkers put themselves into that position.
in regards to a workplace situation.

I get some messages along the lines of "Dude, just tell your boss that's the way to do it and that's that" and "if you don't put yourself in that situation how do you ever think anything gets fixed?"

I don't know what they mean by essentially telling me to put the source of income on the line regarding an executive decision i won't even claim to understand.

Work in corporate America isn't a "you're revolutionary, so promotion for you"... it's more often "you do as we say, you do it like we tell you, and if it makes us happy you get a promotion. if you don't we'll find someone that will"
When you work, you leave your beliefs and bias at the door and get the job done.

Again, I don't mean it to insult anyone who does do this.
I just prefer to be in a financially stable situation while knowing work-arounds that won't ever be utilized than in a financially unstable situation because I insisted they be put into place even when the decision is a moot point.


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