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Realworld Performance and What It Means to You...

For years many enthusiasts have debated hardware, I am one of them, you probably are one too, seeing you are here, on OCN..

But in these times the gaps become shorter and shorter I feel, between competitors, and we get much more 'bang for buck' then we ever could have imagined ten years ago..

it's only when a company with a large user base makes a mistake that the community really takes notice these days..

I am going to do some barrel scraping now, so cover your ears if you have sensitive hearing!

AMD vs Intel

many many moons in the past AMD trumped Intel, for one shining moment for many. and then it was gone. not to be repeated. But now with the new line from AMD, which I have myself, why should I buy a Core i7? it performs better than my CPU, its desktop performance (meaning Windows response) is better but also cost 7 times the price of my CPU. these things now seem small to me because I feel I realized something, that nowadays we have powerful enough hardware to run everything, not like the bad old days of processing video or photoshopping, now we can comfortably run a whole OS at a good speed and play the latest PC games for a reasonable price. 'Is this an advert for AMD?'..no it was my little way of saying I am happy with my rig, and feel the Vishera 8350 is a fitting processor to be AMD's flag ship.

In the 'realworld' I gain nothing moving to Intel now.. sure you could say 'but you will get more frames in games' or 'your single thread apps will start faster' but yknow.. I'm not that fussed.. even worse.. I'm actually happy with the Vishera..oh. my!

Now, to every story there are two sides..I know this.. let's take Intels..

The reason Intel has done so well is because they worked harder and smarter than AMD, over 70% of the world's CPU's are Intel, they hand pick geniuses, in all fields to fit the job that the person was born to do. and it shows in the results. I am not dis'ing AMD staff, I only say that Intel were/are richer and smarter for many a'year out of the years on top. Core 2 was a masterpiece, a breakthrough of vision, and at the time AMD had the original Phenom series, which, I feel, was not up to par. Had it been golf.. they were Tiger woods and we.. were.. the ball boy.

Again Intel comes to us with a masterpiece! the Core i series.a thing of beauty in a world of architectural silicone. why? because we know how well and efficiently it performs, and this adds beauty.

But will I buy it? no. would I buy it if i were rich? possibly. but it wouldn't be something that I would ever notice.

I mentioned Photoshop and video encoding before..

If you max out your board with very reasonably priced RAM (around 100 to 150 pounds) and a sensible CPU, (AMD or Intel ) You can work faster and be more versatile than has ever been possible in the history of computing.. flip! shove on youtube and facebook while your waiting! your system wont even notice.* I drop entire games to memory and forget for hours on end. only to come back to a still working game.

More Bang for Buck!

I feel we have came to point where, the difference is slight.. it is slighter than it has ever been.

I could go on about how much I like Nvidia.. but yknow what? right now AMD has the edge in both price and power.
I'm still with Nvidia though.. they were my first gaming card by accident. fondly. smile.gif

So i'll stop dithering and come to the point, what does paying double the price get me? not much, only a few frames more.

1. if you have an SSD

2. a modern OS.

3. quite a lot of RAM.

4. a current gen mid to high range card.

5. a current gen CPU with 6 cores or more.

What do we need all this power for? rendering? folding?
What happens in the next two gens.. what do we need all that new power for??

Soon we will out-grow operating systems, the hardware is too powerful.. no. the OS is too weak.

I have Windows 8 now.. its a bit of a pain and flakey at OC, but okay i guess.. but then again I have used Win98.

These are the things of museums.. the little window that goes side to side, minimizes and maximizes.

We have the power in out PC's now that MS had pushed us to have with Vista, but I find 'the same IS the same'.. bring on holograms and give us a challenge, involve us like every sci-fi move has promised us since we have been children!


*IF your a PRO reading this and are thinking about the office computer, no. .. please buy either professional dual socket or suffer the consequences.

NOTE: this has kind of turned out as a little ad for AMD which it wasn't supposed to. it was meant to be what is all this power for? and why do we ever need more? ALL OS's are getting bland in contrast to this powerful hardware that we all have now.

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I totally agree with this, you are right on every aspect. I have just moved from the Intel Q6600 (Quad core) to the AMD FX-6100 (Hex core), i can see a massive difference in performance which i require for my every day tasks. I purchased a bundle for the website www.scan.co.uk it cost me around £390, this included 16Gb of Ram, AMD FX6100 and my Asus motherboard... This is really cheap!

We are now moving into an age were computer games are becoming life like in graphical display, take for example Metro 2032 this game is unbelievable in terms of graphics. However my only fear is that hardware manufacturers will move into 'touch screen technology' due to windows 8... Which is not that good! just downgraded last night back to good old Windows 7.

anyways this is my first post so don't grill me with questions... (new member)
Welcome to OCN!

And thank you Cybertism for your response.

We can agree that hardware is getting more and more powerful . ..but why?* in two sockets we will out grow anything MS can dish out with Windows.

I have win8.. man.. I thought it'd be as stable as 7.. i was wrong..it just wont play nice with Vishera. i get two bsod's a day.. DCP_watchdog_failure mostly.. i looked around and from what i found was it was a server error.. but i really didn't understand what i was reading soo...

an OS should either be easy and stable.. or it should be well featured and efficient.

to those out there.. I find Win8 to be neither.



* rhetorical question.. no grilling.. even if its a low fat Foreman
This is a very good article! It opens our eyes on a lot of aspects! It changed my perspective about specs and benchmarks and stuff. With the hardware we have, whatever we'll buy (or almost) is powerful enough to do everything that we would expect from a modern PC. Furthermore, companies like ms really need to start developing "real"software to take advantage of all that power.
This is a great article!
Thanks for the encouragement guys!

In a way this ended up a bit of an ad for AMD, but what are Intel enthusiasts meant to do with all that power that will come in the next two sockets?
With AMD's 5 year gaff, of no competition for Intel's top line, Intel enthusiasts will see their hobby die too.


Without* the competition of AMD, the Intel sockets will slowly decelerate..the power for what they will pay will get less and less and they will pay more and more to keep doing their hobby. but for them..? what's the point? if you can do everything already?

I am definitely NOT saying we should give up our hobby. but why should you, an Intel fan, have to pay up to £$/1000 for a CPU that will not increase your application speed or let you do new things that are not just overclocking for the sake of overclocking.

Programmers/MS need to bring us something so new and so different that it is worth our time and our money..for BOTH Intel and AMD enthusiasts..that in two sockets time..that it will even be 'value for money'.



*on a overclock3D vid on youtube, a Tech writer, spoke about this. and also here are some thoughts on what he said.
Agree and marked. I would say unless you are playing the games like metro 2033 under full. An i5 with a decent graphic card (say like 660ti) are more than enough for daily uses. (yyyyes a lot more)

The only exception is SSD, which I had found in these years the SSD has become my best upgrade for my rig yet.
Thanks for writing this. As enthusiasts we can lust for the biggest and the best and most of the time it's just for the bragging rights. When the next thing comes along it instantly becomes second rate. As you said, the increases are becoming increasingly small. After finally getting that next shinny thing I wanted I often find it didn't quite live up to the vision I had of it. I still like nice things but I need to be realistic about how much it will actually increase my computing experience.
I never payed attention to the fact that our hardware outpaces our OSes by leaps and bounds.

Imagine a Windows that could effectively use 8 threads, 24 threads. One that is stable at high overclocks. even better! It is just a shame that Microsoft has to lead us down the path of touch screens to a pit in hell where operating systems become clunky messes for the masses. I plan on staying on windows 7 until microsoft gives me a reason to change. With how cheap RAM is why even bother with lower memory usage? It isn't like we are paying $200 a meg like in the 70's I bought my corsair xms3 (1333 model) 16gb 2x8Gb sticks for $45 on sale. I can handle the few Megabytes that Microsoft is intent on saving.
Let me ask. What would windows look like if they did the opposite? If they INCREASED memory usage? Microsoft is focusing too much on beating the competition (Android, iOS, OS X, Linux Flavors) and not enough on doing what it should be. Making the most popular OS in the world. Microsoft should do something to impress us not depress us.
Well said guys! Bravo!
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