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Today was a very shocking day. I was going from San Antonio to Waco (Google it if you have to ). So while I was asleep I get this call but I don't bother answering. Hour later I am at a gas station getting a drink and saw I had a new voice mail. So when I got back in the car I listened to it. It said the following:

"This is Caitlin's dad. Don't text her anymore...she...she died last night. bye.

She was DEAD. I didn't even know she had a dad or anything, so I didn't bother calling back. But to be honest, this does not surprise me. She was the kind of person that really lived life on the edge, never really staying in one place, nor having any real possessions. I dated her about 3 years ago, it did not work out but it seemed like any time we were ever together we were still the best of friends. (NO, I am not just saying that because she is dead.) I feel like I could have prevented this. It seemed like every time I talked to her, her life was spiraling down faster each time. First she went to jail for being with some deadbeat who stole from a walmart. Next she tells me she had just tried cocaine, and is wandering the streets at 2 in the morning for more. And then my last example, and the last time I talked to her, she told me how she went to jail for breaking in to a house when she was high off cocaine. She proudly wore the 5 stitches on he left forearm that she got from breaking the window. I feel bad about this because, every time she ever told me about something like this, all I had to say was "Uhh...Wow, yeah."

I don't know what else to say. I am still shaking.

Nothing left to do but dedicate this post to her.

RIP Caitlin.


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