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Reinventing Myself

With the current economy and loosing my job a year ago this past July, I have found myself having to 're-invent' myself. It is a scary proposition at my age, but if I ever want a chance to obtain stable employment I have no choice.

So, I find myself going back to college. It's been 17 years since I last went to college. Back then, I did not really have a clue what I wanted to do but the amazing thing that changed the course of my life was my introduction to computers. Of course, it was all new to me then, so my degree only included a minor in information systems. When I finished I knew I wanted to go on someday for a bachelor's degree...but I did not know what to major in.

Well, now I do. I started taking online courses through Western Governor's University for a Bachelor's Degree in IT Network Design and Management.

It's scary. I love computers and am pretty good at figuring most things out, but these textbooks make me sleepy with all the technological terms and acronyms

So this will be my challenge for the next few years. Stay awake long enough to read the books / online resources until I get into something I can dig my keyboard into. Then I'll soar!


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