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Reliving The Oldies

Well, after dusting off my PSX collection and reconverting them for my PSP....

I feel depressed. Very deeply.
Games like The Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legia, Parasite Eve II, Crash Bandicoot, and Megaman Legends...... almost brought tears to my eyes.

I was showing off to my mom how the PSP could play PSX games and she was like,"What about PS2 games? PSX games are boring right?"

I laughed but once I got back to my room, my mind lingered on that last sentence...... The PSX was a true glory back then. It had all the great games with the latest graphics. Even now, I still look at it and say "That's pretty cool."

The original soundtracks, the sound effects, the whole 9 yards..... it's stunning.

Once I began playing all these old games again, my brain began to numb a bit. It was all surreal and I kept litterly seeing my life flash before my eyes. The PSX is where I grew up, where I strived and lived on. Where I launched myself into video games. Where I spent hours on hours on hours playing games like the ones above. Even though I wasn't all too great at them as I am now, it's still amazing how great these games still are.

I think I finally understand how people like my dad have so much fun playing games like Pacman and Galaga. It's what he grew up on and had fun, but still is.

It's a wonderful thing and I believe if Sony gets in gear with the PSN store.... they can really make some money and win some hearts back. Same for Nintendo with the Wii Store.


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