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Resources For N00bs

Being a n00b to OCN I have spent a fair amount of time searching Forums, Blogs, posts, etc. There are a lot of great resources for newbies. I did a search for "noob" and learned how to lap a hs, why I can't OC my OEM computer, and lots of other useful info that only a true n00b would appreciate. Try doing a search for "noob" and see how much info you find. I also have included a few links that might be good to read before starting to post. And there will be some really great advice at the end of this blog that only a n00b would appreciate. So make sure before you test any of the links that you read the suggestions at the end.

cliffnote n00b links:

A resource every n00b should read

Overclocking Acronyms

A Great Overclocking Guide: Basics

Temperatures, Heatsinks, Fans, Monitoring, and More!

Where to find OC Guides

Ultimate Guide

1. And I learned this the hard way. Don't surf away from your blog without posting it or even saving it as a text file on your desktop. You will loose your information.
2. There is a lot of great information in signatures. Don't just read the posts. Pay attention to the signatures. I have found some awesome answers to my questions by following signature links.
3. Duh... don't post your new blog as a comment to your last blog. Yes... still a n00b.
4. You can find the comprehensive version at: http://www.overclock.net/new-members...ions-must.html. It's a whole lot of info, but getting through it all will make your visit a whole lot easier. Shouts out to IEATFISH for the education.

For more information on this subject:

Hope this was helpful.

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Some good tips. And thanks for the shout out!
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