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Retro Gaming Christmas And The New Years Lolwut

I made out like a bandit this year. Two lego sets, one of which is considered the best Technic set ever made(8868), my own copy of GTA IV(No more borrowing a friend's ) and I got to see two awesome movies. It may be a commercialised holiday, but hey free stuff is free stuff.

I still hate that it's still called Christmas tho. It isn't Christmas.

Speaking of which...You need to watch them. Something Something Something Dark Side is positively worthy, and Avatar is just awesome. Avatar has tied for my all-time favorite movie ever. Stay tuned, there will likely be another blog post on this one.

The thing is, I can't decide which is more awesome...A PMC getting it's ass kicked by 10 foot tall blue humanoids on horseback or John Belushi immitating a zit. There may be a poll in OT on this subject.

New years broght some familiar programs. I went back in time, if you will, and played a game or two from my youth. I tried NFS3, but the installer won't run on Vista, and 4x4 Evo 2 runs great. It doesn't even look that bad for a DX8 game, better than GTA San Andreas and that's a DX9 game. I will admit the models have no resolution, quite blocky, but hey it's a 2002 release. What are ya gonna do? Soon I'm going to fire up some Starcraft, maybe even have a go at playing King of the Road. lol. O, and just FYI: My retro games will either be flight simulators or driving games. I didn't get into FPS until recently. First FPS I ever played was Garry's Mod 10.


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