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Review Logitech Mk700 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set

Here is a relatively short review of the Logitech MK700 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard set that I recently received to replace my MX3200 set.

The free spinning scroll wheel may have some use extra use, maybe for games, but I haven't really tired it yet. The scroll type can be adjusted with a "microgear" switch on the bottom to prevent it from free spinning, but it makes a rather loud clicking/grinding noice. Although it may get annoying on web pages that I'd want to slowly scroll on. The scroll wheel also can be tilted left, right, or into the mouse for use of three more buttons, along with two more buttons on the side. All of which can be key mapped in games.

The keyboard is well built, has more the feel of a laptop keyboard so that will get some taking used to. All the keys are level and I believe are rubber button, so I'm not used to the lack of the clicking noise and the pressure needed for the keys. The built in screen is smaller and there is still not much use for it, but it shows the battery power and what lock keys are active. It doesn't however, even show the current time, which makes the screen have even less use of being there. It has two sets of legs to adjust the heights, a 4 degree increase, and also a set of legs for an 8 degree increase. I'm currently using the 8 degree set currently.

One thing that stands way out with this set though, is at full power with my current average use, its telling me that I have 348 days for use left in the batteries for the mouse, it doesn't say anything for the keyboard. Guess I won't know the real time until it tells me to replace them.

Overall I like it, preferred the MX3200 keyboard and mouse set, but this is a good replacement over that. Although at least by the looks the MX5500 will have more of the same feel of the MX3200.

Thanks for reading! Post questions if any of you have any, and I can get some pictures up if there's interest in them.


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