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Review Sword Of The Stranger Screening

This past week I went to my first screening.
First off we ended up driving the wrong way but we turned around and made it to the theater it was at in an hour. (BARE WITH ME, ITS MY FIRST ANIME REVIEW o_o i've only reviewed games before on another site im part of so this was a bit different)

It was a screening of the anime movie, Sword of the Stranger. Since I'm bad at typing it, here's the basic plot:

Hunted by the Mings from China, young Kotaro and his dog meet a nameless samurai who is constantly being haunted by dreams of the past which lead him to seal his sword. Among the Mings is a fearsome Western fighter named Rarou, who desires only to find a worthy opponent. When both groups clash with a Sengoku-era feudal lord, a proud general, and monks torn between faith and survival, the reason behind the Mings' pursuit tests the bond between Kotaro and Nanashi(no name).

Anyways, back to my own little review of it.
One thing I must say, is the action starts out a little slow, but it is to be expected of course so you can get at least some backstory for the basis of the plot in there. So that wasn't a problem as there was plenty of action and fighting with a fair bit of betrayel, blood, head(s) getting lopped off, and an amazing story of a man sworn never to draw his sword again letting go of his past as time goes on as he becomes more attatched to Kotaro and takes care of him throughout their journey.

The only thing that annoyed me was the dubbed voice of Kotaro. It's a bit whine-ish, but as the movie went on you get use to it and it won't matter.

(Note: I have not seen this movie subbed so I am not comparing the voice choices, also I tend to like dubs more usually)

It was amazing seeing this movie on the big screens and it was definitely worth the $12.
It was a great masterpiece and I intend to buy it on DvD.

If you ever get a chance to go to a screening, TAKE IT, because most likely it'll turn out to be an amazing success.

For my finally notes on this...
Pros: Good Story for such a short movie, Loved the Action and battles, Good character qualitys befitting of them and their stories, BADASS ENDING!!!!!, Decent-Great Dubbing, good background music at points that i thought fit the scene well, some great *** moments, well put together

Cons: Some Annoying Character Dubs, Wish it was longer, not much else to complain about.



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