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Rma Time O

Well, my DS3 became faulty, so I'm just off to ship it off to Scan Computers for a replacement...

Basically, after working fine for a few weeks after buying it off Niko it decided to hate me by making loud electrical whining noises after being on and in Windows for a few minutes and then freezing and shutting down. Once the noises had started they would start up on restart, the BIOS would freeze and artefact, not nice in general.

If I left it for a few hours I could get a couple of minutes out of it, so I checked the PSU rails and they were all fine. I tried my PCI testing graphics card and the same noise, tried resetting the CMOS, no luck.

So I'm going to walk down to the Post Office and post it - First Class Recorded for about £5...

Hopefully - fingers crossed - they'll send out a replacement without messing around too much.


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