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Rocketfish My Pants Are Wet

I JUST finished taking it apart, preparing the whole thing for a pictorial and later on some painting, just thought it would be nice to share my initial thoughts.

First of all, this thing is friggin enormous. I never had a full tower before, but this thing really, it just screams e-****++. It's also very light, because of the aluminum.

Secondly, the paint job is A1. I had planned painting it for a project I'm doing, but turns out there is no use, the paint is a perfect matte black, brushed for additional coolness. If you have painted this thing, you have commited a deadly sin. Seriously, the paint job blew me off my feet, I wasn't expecting that.

Thirdly, this thing is WELL MADE! The entire thing... from the packaging to the accessories included (which are plentiful) are the best I've ever seen. Each type of screw has it's own little bag, everything has it's place. I don't even know why they sold these things at Best Buy, this is truly an enthousiast case, there is no doubt.

I'm half finished disassembling the sucker, which is spectacular considering I've only spent one hour on it. Almost every part is screwed on, really easy to take apart. I've wrapped all the panels, they are getting stored until the chassis is painted. I sense my project is gonna be more epic than I had thought.

The only problem I have run into so far is the rivets... they are teeny tiny, and they look like countersunk rivets... I'm gonna need help from modding pros before I rip the chassis apart for painting.

Really, I'm just overwhelmed by how gorgeous this thing is. For the 110$USD I payed this thing, I was expecting much less. I feel like I've stolen the damned thing. If you can get your hands on one right now, do so, it's a purchase you won't regret.

I need to calm down, I won't be able to get any sleep. Pictorial thread coming tomorrow.


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