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Roomate Deprivation

I'm sure some of you will think this is mean, others will find it funny.
Our apartment consists of four people, and we get along fine. However, one of our roomates from the start was unwilling to clean up the kitchen and apartment when we told him to. He was the only person who didn't have a meal plan (we live on campus), so made the most use (and mess) of the kitchen. For an entire semester, he would eat the food we got at the grocery store, promise to replace it, and never did.
This semester, one of my normal roomates swapped with a friend of mine and we stopped buying food at the grocery store.

To give you some more info, this semester he has taken to not coming out of his room at all (he had social issues before; "know-it-allism") and started smelling worse and worse. To make a long story short, he ruined one of my cooking pots and we resume the story about three weeks ago.

At this point I decided to pack up the kitchen stuff (all mine and my other roomate's) and put it into the storage unit we rented so there would be less to do later. This started the idea of just depriving him of everything he uses to mooch off us until the end of the semester. Since he has to meal plan he only eats Ramen. I'll go through the plan step-by-step:

Step 1: Remove all cookware except ruined pot which he paid me for.

Step 2: (for the roomate he shares the other bathroom with) Do not replace toilet paper, use public bathroom instead.

Step 3: Remove shower head nozzle so water sprays everywhere.

Step 4: Stop bringing small bags of chips from dining hall (he stole 2-3 a day, thats a few hundred calories he could use to sustain life).

Step 5: Cut off stove, microwave to prevent cooking.

Step 6: Cut off water to kitchen sink, leave only hot water in bathroom.

Step 7: Turn off ice maker, so only hot water can be consumed.

For the last few weeks he hasn't cooked a thing, so I can only assume he is getting Quizno's once a day (only once). My other roomie said he used the bathroom, but still no paper
I'm sure no ice for water or sodas is annoying.

Just figured I'd tell an interesting story about getting back at a roomate. If you get a moocher, take some hints from this.


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