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Router Death

Oh boy! I leave home and come back my pc and my brothers aren't connecting to the network and my dad's is chugging the internet uber slowly. Like almost dialup speed.

Plug directly into the modem instead and his connection is back to normal.

My router isn't even recognizing my computer or my brothers as having a valid ip address when it did earlier... and yes we reset the modem and router/ disabled/re-enabled the connection, ipconfig /reset all, etc etc.

My dads picking up a wireless router in its place today. I'm hoping he either brings home network adaptars with it (hes fairly computer savvy), or that since both our computers are fairly fresh that they have built in wireless support as I know some do.

If not gonna have to make another trip.

Is setting up a wireless router easy? Or does it have* some snags I should be concerned about?

UPDATE: Got the wireless router setup just fine :] Guess our old router did crap out. Now that this is up that also meansssss, my Wii has internet again. If anyone wants to play some Super Smash Brothers Brawl let me know I'm always game


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