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Ruiner Lit Riffs Part 1 The King Is Dead

OK, not sure if anyone has ever heard of a Lit Riff. Pretty much, you take the lyrics and meaning of a song you like, and you make it into a short story. Well, I am attempting to make an entire series of Lit Riffs on one of my favorite albums of all time, A Wilhelm Scream's "Ruiner" album. To give you an idea of what I'm working with, in each installment, I will post a link to the song (either a Youtube video or an audio clip somewhere), a link to the lyrics, and then post my Lit Riff on that song. So, here is the first song off of the album, entitled "The King is Dead":

The Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSoWS...eature=related
The Lyrics:
The knife or the rope or the lemon, this brain and I.
The sight of the drop got me off the roof.
Hey, the garage looks cleaner when you look at it sideways, from high.

To finally admit we are born alone
And that your only one's got an only one of their own.
We'll get the right sun block for the nice explosions.
Oh, the king is dead.

To absolve the joy from me is to erase what made me a slave.
I'm a king to be.
I traded my life for art and the guilt is weighing down my arms.

Tell me again what a monster is, give me the words to describe.
Can you tell me what the use of endorphins is when my city dies at night?
Take away the sentence of house arrest and watch me ruin it right.
Put me in the back of an ambulance cause my city dies tonight.

I see the levity of every meeting of the minds.
I lie to myself.
It's my right to do.
I'm separated like an elevator door for privacy from my eyes.

To finally admit we are born alone
And that your only one's got another robot to take the throne.
Heartless of the world deny the king is dead.
****, the king is dead.
Heartless with your burning eyes.
The king is dead.
****, the king is dead.

To wade through the virus of your lies is to cheat it through.
Death is only in my eyes.
And the sinking feeling came over me and it said, "never again, never again".
The king is dead.
Tell me again what a monster is cause my city dies tonight.

And here is my Lit Riff on that song:

Ryan stood on the roof of his apartment building. He couldn’t find it within himself to tie that noose around his neck, and slitting his wrists just seemed so contrived. The bottle of alcohol fell from his hand, and he slumped over against the low wall surrounding the roof. He glanced over the edge, and nearly threw up. It wasn’t from the alcohol in his system, he was just deathly afraid of heights. He leaned his head sideways and looked across the alley into the parking garage, to see that his car looked nicer. Perhaps it was the angle, or the lighting fell on it differently, but it just didn’t seem like that bad of a car anymore.

As he turned around to go back downstairs, he finally realized why he felt like this. It was one of those moments where everyone kind of wants to die. He realized he was born alone, and he would more than likely die that way, too. It didn’t help that Jessica had been cheating on him all this time, but he decided he’d rather be alone than lied to.

The only reason he stayed with her is that veiled attempt at happiness the world threw at him when he was with her. He wasn’t actually happy, but something about her, something about every time they had sex, made him feel like he was supposed to be happy, and so he was. Or, at least he acted like it. She was the reason he had given up his entire life to music, and now, he realized he had done it for all the wrong reasons. He didn’t love the music he played; he just wrote what he thought she had wanted to hear. Now, he felt like it was almost a disgrace to the art.

Every time they had spoken, it had meant very little. No deep conversation, all they ever did was shoot the ****. He always told himself that was because they didn’t need to talk about deep philosophical issues, but he knew in his heart that was horse ****. As he got in the elevator to go down to his floor, he realized that he separated himself from the world, much like these elevator doors separated him from the rest of the building. He had shut himself in this little box for a long time, and as the doors opened on his floor, he came to the decision that he needed to open himself up, too.

That little piece of him that had felt so important, felt like he was the center of not only his universe, but everyone else’s, that part of him was gone. Maybe he was the only one that saw that he had killed that part of himself, but it was better than trying to decipher all the lies. All the lies she told him, and all the lies he told the world. It just wasn’t worth the effort any more.

And as he opened the door to his apartment he said, “Never again… never again.”

Please let me know what you think of it. All constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for reading


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