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Sakkemo Cm Sniper

So found here is a blog system so i thought to give it a try.

So i have a rig build inside of Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black Edition case, but it looks pretty boring like stock, all black and blue and shiit...

Here is the current system specs:

CM Storm Sniper Black Edition with windowed sidepanel
EVGA P55 FTW 200
Intel i7 870 @ 4.00GHz
Two way Gainward GTX 570 SLI
4Gb Corsair Dominator 1600MHz 8-8-8-24
Fractal Desing 1000W
G.Skill 60Gb SDD + 2x WD 1Tb (WD will be in raid0 once i got time to do that.)
Scythe Ninja 3 as a CPU Cooler

Here is some pictures from beginning:

Some pose images

Thisone is bad photo.

So i have planned to do some modifications to this one and will be updating to this blog, mainly for my self to keep track and some documenting from what ive done, but also if someone wants to see, be my guest.

Pictures above are pretty stock, only thing ive done is add a hell of a lot blue cathodes, snapped that cross thingy on front and removed the hard drive bay. I will also update pics from my DIY HDD... thingy

In the future, i will be doing some yellow and black paint job (some fans are in paint testing right now) and once i receive that clear acryle, i will do something with that too. Also some sleeving is will be done, already ordered some yellow sleeving (uv reactive) and with the yellow one goes also black sleeving.

Right now ive got work to do with fans, black and yellow color ofc. If im lucky ill be done with those this weekend.

Updates will be here.


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