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School Blocking Ports

This morning I attended an information session held by our school's IT dept. I had been invited because I am a student employee and they wanted to see what we thought before they held sessions for the general student body. I was told we would be learning about the new Zimbra mail service our school is rolling over to, but instead it was about backing up data. Although I did get to learn about a cool piece of software called Comodo, that is not the point of this post.
After the meeting I talked with the I.S. guy who is in charge of handling copyright infringement notices. He was explaining to us some of the school's policies, and said that in the near future the school would be blocking P2P ports and protocols and other file sharing uploads. Downloads should not be affected, but upstream data is. What made the whole thing feel a little Comcast-y was the fact that when we asked him "what about people who use bitTorrent for legal sharing or upload stuff to web servers" the response was rather noncaring. It seems that a blanket policy was their choice. Personally, I am against this because I use bitTorrent to share music on eTree, which is totally legal and is approved by the artists. I can't buy anything on that site because it is concert audio that people have recorded of bands who have an open recording policy. Also, I have my own server and often will upload stuff to different places.
Let's put it this way, I may be forced to leave a computer at my house in Virginia and whatever music or uploads I need done I guess I will have to send there and have my trusty Fios connection finish. Verizon seems to know what users want.
Rant over, felt good to get that out. Can't wait until my packets are dropped....


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