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Server 2008 Ftw

So I'm one of those people who hated vista as soon as I got it. Well now that XP SP3 has been crapping itself with frequent blue screens, I thought it was time to finally upgrade. This year I downloaded server 2008 standard x64 from MSDN and I installed it a few weeks ago. Unfortunately not all my hardware was compatible. Since creative fails at supporting its older sound cards I was forced to use my on board sound card.

Surprisingly my on board sound card preforms better in server 08 than my sound blaster in XP. I can hear all of the background noises in GRID now and the graphics are a lot more smoother now that I can use direct X 10

Besides the sound card incompatibility (Creatives fault) I have had no problems with the OS. I already had a lot of alternatives to my applications when I installed vista in the past, so no problems with compatibility for me.

So if you're one of the people that still thinks that Vista sucks hard, consider trying out Server 2008 standard edition.


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